Code of Conduct

Company Ethics

Concept Kitchen is an organization with lenient yet effective ethics powering up the work culture for better productivity. Employees at concept have to wear a pre-decided dress code during weekdays, however, they are free to wear casuals on Saturdays. Moreover, all of our employees are mandatory to wear concept kitchen badges while they are at the workplace. Grooming options for both male and female employees can be seen in the points given below:

Male Employees: Formal Shoes & Formal Watches

Female Employees: Formal Jewelry, Basic Nail Paint, & No Makeup

Work Ethics

To implement a strict and healthy work environment, Concept Kitchen has some work ethics associated with every employee. People at concept are allowed to use internet only for any official purpose, not for their personal use. Moreover, they can not use their personal email id and WhatsApp under the premises of Concept Kitchen.

Apart from this, Concept Kitchen employees are allowed to use their cellphones only in their lunch hours. Every work desk at concept has an embedded land-line that can be used to be in contact with family members in case of any emergency during the work hours.

Personal Profile Use

Our employees are not allowed to use their personal social media profiles inside the premises. However, they are allowed to use them in case of posting any official content to enhance the social media popularity of Concept Kitchen.

Conflict of Interest

If anyone of our employees has a conflict of interest that can cause even a scratch on the company’s marketplace or position, he/she will not be spared at any cost. These people will immediately lose their jobs and strict legal action will be taken upon them for stealing the data or having a connection with another competitor in the market.

Employee Relationship

We are entirely comfortable with a friendly environment in the workplace. You can make friends and can work comfortably for enhanced productivity. However, other things like fraternization, dating, etc are not allowed in the premises. However, we do not mind anything out of the work premises.

Workplace Visitors

Outside visitors are allowed at the workplace only with the permission of company directors. Moreover, every outsider is only allowed to meet and communicate in the common area just for 10-15 minutes of the time period.

Solicitation and Distribution

Solicitation is any form of requesting money, support, or participation for products, groups, organizations, or causes that are unrelated to our company (e.g. religious proselytism, asking for petition signatures.). Distribution means disseminating literature or material for commercial or political purposes.


Recruitment Process

At Concept Kitchen, we have a unique and effective way of recruitment that brings out the actual worth of an aspirant.

We have a 5 step process that is elaborated here:


Our Response (Under 30 Dyas)

HR Round (Interview)

Technical Test (If Required)

Managerial Round (Interview)

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