Concept Kitchen is a group of people having out of the box mentality. We believe in serving rather than just satisfying our bank accounts, which is also the reason for our success. Maintaining a friendly environment, we allow everyone to work with their full potential. In terms of work culture, we emphasize the spirit of togetherness and enthusiasm. We are always looking for people blessed with a sense of responsibility along with a positive attitude towards their work life.

Working at Concept Kitchen is fun as we have people with great values in their life. Customer, as well as employee satisfaction, always remains our concern instead of just cash inflows or profit margins. We believe that market reputation is the payback we get beside money keeping our customers highly satisfied with our hard work and honesty. Every person under the roof of Concept Kitchen shares a common vision of delighting our customers rather than just satisfying them. We are continuously transforming the kitchen furnishing marvelous with our latest range of modular kitchen designs and accessories along with our passionate service.

The Concept Team

We have a separate department for everything filled up with enthusiastic players for every single task and target. Every person under the roof of our ecosystem is blessed with a hierarchy and process in mind to flow the information in a better way. Have a look at our team members and the role they play in making us the best modular kitchen service provider in the market.

Core Values

‘Opportunity must not be gender-biased’, having this as the core value, Concept Kitchen offers equal opportunities for both male and female aspirants. Gender equality is one of the major factors for social reform, hence, we try to incorporate a 50/50 gender balance in all the positions and levels of the company. Our motto of gender equality is about creating an ecosystem that offers both men and women equal opportunities to prove their worth for organizational as well as self-growth. We believe that giving everyone equal opportunity will lead to the success of real talent.

Departments With Job Opportunities

Concept Kitchen invites you to work under any of these following departments. All of them have different tasks and targets along with a process to flow the information. Check out this blow given list of Concept Kitchen Departments and also see the available positions in each of them.


‘Combine your skillset with our process and show what the best you got...’

The Purchase department holds the responsibility of purchasing essential things and materials for our production. We are looking for enthusiasts that can bear the power of selecting appropriate materials and efficiently keep a record of their finances.


‘Management with a pinch of coordination is all we need...’

An inventory department is a place where people with good management skills can show miracles. We are looking for persons having fine supervision skills of stock items and non-capitalized assets.


‘Pick it up without hesitation if you are good at convincing and manipulating people...’

You can apply for the positions in this department if you feel that you have the power of broadcasting the company's brand name. We are looking for people who are good at convincing people to have a look at our finest range of products and services.

Planning & Cost Accounting

‘A simple yet effective plan can make us achieve greater heights...’

A sharp mind in managing accounts, taking required actions, and improving the existing plans of the company is all we need. You can apply for the given positions if you believe that you can enhance the precession of accounts as well as plans of concept kitchen.


‘Manage the production unit with your upgraded skills and latest technology…’

Concept kitchen is looking for people who can easily handle the bulkier production tasks with complete attention and dedication. It is the basic department that holds the major part of a company's market value and image.

Quality Department

‘Your attention can improve the quality standards of Concept Kitchen...’

Quality department holds the power of growing the company’s market value as well as customer satisfaction. We are looking for individuals, who can pay appropriate attention to check the quality standards as per the predefined algorithms.

Packaging & Warehousing

‘A fine packaging with appropriate placement will improve the customer trust factor...’

Packaging and warehousing department holds the responsibility to store the products after getting built. We are looking for enthusiasts who can pack all the products up to the company standards and store them efficiently without causing a scratch.

Dispatch & Transportation

‘We deliver happiness and we do not compromise on punctuality...’

This is the department that works as per the customer requirements and hence becomes one of the most crucial departments to handle. We are looking for people who can take care of the entire delivery process and ensure the timely delivery of products.

Finance & Statutory

‘A sharp mathematical mind with business knowledge is all we need...’

It is the department that has the responsibility to manage all the finances of the company. Whether it is something going out or coming in the company, its financial figures will be at the end managed by this department.

Security & Time Office

‘A sharp mathematical mind with business knowledge is all we need...’

It is the department that has the responsibility to manage all the finances of the company. Whether it is something going out or coming in the company, its financial figures will be at the end managed by this department.


‘A healthy mechanical ecosystem is the key to success for any industry...’

Keeping the entire enterprise healthy is the only way to expand the business and experience new horizons. Hence, we welcome people who can play the required roles in the maintenance department for the well being of our enterprise.


‘Your digital knowledge and power can help you in being a part of us...’

eCommerce has gained a special place for every market in this techno-based era. We welcome the aspirants who are knowledgeable in the eCommerce business and can help us in expanding our sales.

Code of Conduct/Company Ethics

Concept Kitchen is an organization with lenient yet effective ethics powering up the work culture for better productivity. Employees at concept have to wear a pre-decided dress code during weekdays, however, they are free to wear casuals on Saturdays. Moreover, all of our employees are mandatory to wear concept kitchen badges while they are at the workplace. Grooming options for both male and female employees can be seen in the points given below:

Male Employees: Formal Shoes & Formal Watches

Female Employees: Formal Jewelry, Basic Nail Paint, & No Makeup

Read the full report of code of conduct in Concept Kitchen

Recruitment Process

At Concept Kitchen, we have a unique and effective way of recruitment that brings out the actual worth of an aspirant.

We have a 5 step process that is elaborated here:


Our Response (Under 30 Dyas)

HR Round (Interview)

Technical Test (If Required)

Managerial Round (Interview)

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