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“So, I started a search on Instagram, and the name that came across was ‘Concept Kitchen’. And then when I happened to see their posts and page, I initially thought that it is an international brand. But when I went through their page and contacted their owner, I was very happy to know that this brand belongs to Chhattisgarh. So randomly, just like that I asked him about the number of colours in their palette. He answered around 700-800. And then I asked about the number of finishes you have. He said approximately 25-30. So then if you guys do permutation and combination, the result comes out to be around 14000-15000 finishes,only in a single catalogue. That moment I knew this is my final destination of finding my perfect kitchen!! And once I went to the showroom, I was very happy to see the kind of work they were doing with wardrobes, the utility and space they were providing inside the wardrobes. So I just thought I ll quickly go through allthe wardrobes and then decided that along with my kitchen, I ended up getting my wardrobe designed by him. With wardrobes, I really wanted to you know play with colours and have some floral patterns and everything to which I was not very sure that he would be able to recreate. But to my surprise, the way they have designed my wardrobe, I just feel very super to enter my closet and see the way they light up and immediately my mood becomes very fresh, you know. It’s been an year with them, and even a slightest issue occurred and they were there within 24 hours to resolve all my problems with just one call. And the way, throughout the year they have solved all the issues and one cannot find a lacuna in their work and service. I really hope and wish they continue to do the same work in future as well. Also, personally I feel Chhattisgarh needs people who support the local brands and that’s all definitely you should go and feel Concept Kitchen. Thank you so much.”

Mrs. Jaya Mishra

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