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Modular kitchen is a term used for the modern kitchen furniture layout consisting of all the latest kitchen solutions. It is a combination of cabinets build up with diversified materials that allow you to arrange accessories inside them in a managed way. Modular kitchens help you in utilizing your entire kitchen space in a better and effective way.

Yes, Modular kitchens are completely customizable. These kitchens are designed entirely based on the customers’ needs. You can easily customize your modular kitchen according to your taste, available space, and personal preferences. You can select the color combination and design as per the theme of your entire house. It not only allows you to personalize your kitchen but also helps you in keeping your budget satisfied.

The modular kitchen offers you a lot of extra space as compared to the traditional kitchen model. You will get many compartments and shelves even in small parts or tinny corners of your kitchen. It allows you to keep your kitchen accessories arranged in these offered compartments or shelves. Packed with such awesome facilities, modular kitchen can prove to be a panacea for the design and usability factors of kitchens in apartments.

Getting along with the traditional carpenter made kitchens is not only time consuming but also can affect your regular household work. Modular kitchens get build in factories and then fitted in your kitchen as per your order. Having a modular kitchen is less time consuming as compared to the traditional kitchens as you can expect to get it installed within a month.
Additionally, modular kitchens are easy to assemble and offer you a touch of comfort and feasibility. You can easily shift your entire kitchen if you move into a new house without facing any hurdle. Moreover, you can get any piece of your modular kitchen altered or repaired without affecting the other parts.

Our modular kitchens are available in contemporary and ravishing designs. We offer you a wide range of design options from which you can choose whether to go with an elegant and refined design or with something sleek and modern. Concept kitchen offers you a diverse variety of patterns coupled with breathtaking aesthetics and fine functionality

We offer you a marvelous range of cabinets, shelves, and drawers that will facilitate you with efficient storage. Our modular kitchen designs focus on helping you in efficiently organizing your kitchenware items. Moreover, we also aim at making your kitchen work easy and comfortable. We declutter your kitchen making it a neat and clean piece of art.

No, we do not have any standard calculation method. Having a wide range of products and accessories, it will be completely unfair to charge every customer with the same parameter of prices. Our cost is entirely dependent on the components you choose for your modular kitchen.

It is quite tough to offer some standard time warranty on the entire kitchen. Our modular kitchen consists of numerous big and small components that make it difficult to give you an overall warranty. Some of the components come with a warranty of 10 years while some packs just a 2-year warranty. Hence, we distribute the warranty on the product line, not for the entire kitchen.

Our standard time of delivery is 15 days, however, it generally takes nearly a month to get a kitchen installed. Apart from the furniture, there are different roles also played by a mason, a plumber, an electrician, and a gas-line installer in your kitchen building process. Hence, we consider one month in getting your kitchen up to the mark.

Rooted in 1998, Concept Kitchen is standing still and growing till today. Having a gigantic work experience of 20 years, we have successfully served 30,000+ families in eastern India. Moreover, we are also the biggest manufacturer and retailer of modular kitchen in eastern India. Hence, we stay always ready to pull the accelerator with modern kitchen trends, latest technologies, and new design possibilities.

As we have already mentioned that we have served 30,000+ families successfully. We believe in enhancing the major part of our business with the good reviews and happiness of our respected clients.

You are allowed to cancel your order for any existing product and can use that amount for other desired products. However, if your order has gone in the production part then there is no cancellation for that.

Yeah, we do have various EMI facilities. You need to visit the studio and consult our team members for detailed information on that.

Our payment policy generally goes through the following steps:

  • 50% advance at the time of order.
  • 40% before delivery.
  • 10% before installation.

Yeah, you are completely free to order any product from our catalog. If it is out of stock, our team members will get back to you with a precise date of delivery.

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